Arden Wu

It takes to two tango

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There is thunder in our hearts …

Toronto Rates

My donation guidelines are designed with my time in mind

1 hour, An Encore: 350
1.5 hours, A Heartbeat: 500
2 hours, The Hook: 650
3 hours, The Mixtape: 850
4 hours, The Extended Play: 1000
3 hour dinner date + play time, The Lust for Life: 800
Social (2 hours): 300

Each additional hour over four hours is 250/hour and longer dates must include some social time for food and drink. The date options in bold are my favourites - as they provide the perfect environment for fostering long lasting connections and memories.

Duets are available with advance planning, please inquire!

seeking something more?

Fancy something a little more curated? Below I have outlined a few of my favourite tailored outings that my dates seem to enjoy indulging with me on:

Records + Rendezvous
♫ 2 hour social date - 300 ♫
I have come to the realization that there are many of us who lust over the crackle and pop of your favourite record on vinyl. Let’s get our hands and knees dirty looking for lost gems. After our date, I’ll create a playlist based on our dates.

Happy Hour
♫ 2 hour social date - 300 ♫
Note, there are certain times during the year where I abstain from drinking. Please inquire beforehand!

The Toronto food and drink scene, is in my opinion, one of the best after Los Angeles. As a born and bred native, I have cultivated a list of my very favourite bars. Shall we bond over sharing plates and funky wine?

For more information please visit my Marginalia page.