01. Booking

a few things before we meet...

→ If you require alternative methods of screening, please get in touch. I try to be as flexible and accommodating. Screening is for both our privacy and comfort, and a little goes a long way for the both of us.
→ Please refrain from sexually explicit discussion and keep your emails direct and to the point. 
→ Cancellations are highly disruptive on both ends, if you feel like you cannot make our date, please let me know sooner rather than later.

02. the Ideal Date

→ Please have the donation ready at the beginning of the date. If we are meeting in public, feel free to slip it in a book or gift bag. It is awkward for the both of us for me to ask.
→ Gifts are appreciated but never expected. If you are looking for gift ideas and need a bit of hand, take a look here for some inspiration.
→ If I am seeing you at mine, please be prepared to shower upon arrival. I will ensure my incall suite has all the amenities available for you to freshen up before we get cozy. 
→ I am more than happy to share a drink with you, please ensure the bottle we will be indulging is in unopened at the beginning.
→ I have no dietary restrictions whatsoever. 
→ I do however, have a sensitivity to certain smells. I do appreciate a nice scent but please try to not go overboard with it. 

For those who are wondering... My ideal date is not an individual who ticks all the right boxes. In fact, it is someone who can bring something different to the table. I enter each date on my A game, and I expect you to be the same. We will meet in the middle and challenge each other to leave the date our very best selves. I love it when someone possesses an intellect that goes beyond the degrees and accreditations they have to their name. I simply adore a man who isn't afraid to lean back, relax, and laugh.

Gifts are not expected at all, but if you're 

I am a minimalist with a taste for enrichment. I live for the clean lines of Scandinavian design, but I do not hold back when it comes to filling up my shelves up with records and  books. While I love the feeling of peeling back the plastic of a new LP, my biggest thrill lies in the dig for a dollar bin gem and used bookstore find.

Spoil me and I will spoil you: bring me one of your favourite records and I will trade you one of mine.

03.  these are some of my favourite things...