Arden Wu


You have seen me before, and you know it: I caught you off guard with my bookish ease, gently tousled hair and wild brown eyes that invite you in upon contact. I caught your eye skipping down the busy streets of Toronto, marching to the beat of my own drums (I prefer 303s and 808s).

Toronto born and raised, and of Chinese background, I know the city like the back of my hand. But my heart beats beyond the boundaries of our dear city. With my fingers on many pulses in the city, I was raised to be full of curiosity, wonder, and desire. Always seeking out the new and extraordinary, I keep a close eye on what’s making our city beat whether it’s through food and drink, or music and art. I am always seeking out the new and the offbeat. You can find me in between Toronto and Ottawa, but blink twice, and you might find me elsewhere.

My dates are drawn to me for my magnetic and soft personality. My body reflects my curious nature: shaped by my love for urban exploration, going on long bike rides in and out of the city, and open air dancing. An enigma, I am not overbearing — when I am with you, prepare to laugh, banter, and be blown away.

But you’re thinking: Arden, what do you do in your spare time? Dive into my marginalia, blog, or my own personal list of hidden gems to get a better idea before we meet.

I do have tattoos, all of which have been airbrushed for privacy reasons.




Our time together is rooted by softness, sentimentality, and a sense of openness that I believe to be the crux of all intimate encounters, whether new or old. I would like to move you — physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My approach to companionship is rooted in softness, sentimentality, and a sense of openness that I  believe to be the crux of all intimate encounters. When all of this syncs together, we will move in harmony. It is an experience that is both passionate and exhilarating, and maybe, it might leave you with questions that are begging to be answered. It can be a bit daunting meeting someone without know exactly how it might play out. But I assure you, you will be embraced with remarkable ease and playful affection. 

To me, setting the tone is crucial to a perfect date. It starts from the little things such as putting together a thoughtfully curated playlist of relaxing yet uplifting music playing in the background or mutually deciding on a wine to share.  You can always count on me to know which song to play next.

prepare to be stimulated

You are desiring something you cannot quite express in words. You open the door and you want to be greeted with an unparalleled sense of enthusiasm and lust.  You know I love telling stories and you arrive with the strong desire to write new chapters of our engagements together. You are looking to unwind and to get lost. You are curious about the limits of intimacy and human connection and you want to redefine these limits with me. You aren't just looking for a good time, you have a thirst for stimulation on multiple levels.

Curiosity led me into the world of companionship. But it is the connections that lit this flame within me that cannot be put out so easily. I am forever grateful for those who choose to spend time with me and for the magical moments we create behind closed doors. When we are together, I will ensure we will always be in sync and on the same beat. Just like dancing, it takes two to chase the night away.