Arden Wu

Your Favourite Melody

Behind closed doors, i can make your heart sing


It's hard to miss a girl like me:

Electrifying and offbeat quaintrelle.
Soft-spoken confidante.
Your sentimental lover.

A true force of nature.
A modern woman of mystery and wonder.
An irresistible soul.
For the curious and curiouser.

I dare you to try and forget about me.





Shall we dance?

It has been a long day of back to back meetings, mundane small talk, and an inability to find an end to your email inbox. You look at your watch with a deep sign; only an hour past lunch and already you are restless.

Only a few more hours, with a gentle reminder, you tell yourself"

7 pm, with Arden Wu. Dinner. Then to yours.

We both have butterflies in our stomachs because both of us are counting down the minutes until we get to share our first song together.

There is a certain magic that happens when two individuals get lost together when they hear their favourite song live in person. I know this feeling very well, and I aim to recreate this feeling with every date.

It is the moment when you can feel the heart and soul of a song soar through the air and you can feel your insides tremble delightfully.

You cannot explain in words why a certain part of a song makes you giddy like a child. It makes your heart swell up with joy and you have to stop yourself from yelling at the top of your lungs. You feel it.

I strongly believe that those who I let into my world will have a bedside full of stories to share  — at least, I am sure you do.  We might be strangers when the first song plays out, but once we begin dancing, you will be asking for an encore once the final song plays out.

Yours in intimacy,