Arden Wu


You know the drill. This page might have the answers to the questions lingering in the back of your head. If it doesn't, send me a note. I am an open book and  I pride myself on being an open and honest provider who is respectful to everyone who enters my world. I understand that this world can be a bit daunting sometimes, but trust me, screening and open communication is for the comfort and safety for both of us. 


The Ideal Date, are we a good fit?

I am often asked what my favourite dates are and to be quite honest, it is hard to pinpoint the specifics. The best lovers and dates do not follow a script where we are guided by acronyms and it is a rush to tick all the boxes.

The best dates have the basics own pat: being honest and polite in our initial communication, being respectful of our date and my cancellation policy, punctual, knowing that is better to get the donation out of the way in the beginning, and finally:  checking your hangups at the door and be ready to love and laugh.

The best dates leave me speechless, flustered, and thirsting for some time to reflect (I am, an INFJ, after all). I love to go full throttle in the time we have each other, let's give it our all! I love a guest who brings something different to the table. Just like me you love a little challenge. Or, you love to be challenged? Intellect is measured best beyond degrees and titles to the end of your name. You've got stories of tears and laughter to share? I'm all yours.

So, you like to

Gifts are not expected, but if you are itching to spoil, here are some things to keep in mind:
Sizing... 36B Bra top, size small bottom, size 8 for shoes.
Lingerie ... Kayleigh Peddie, Rapture & Repent, The End Lingerie are some of my current favourties.

Records... Bring me one of your favourite records and I will trade you one of mine! I am a record fanatic and collection mostly used records of various genres. I am currently interested in cheap disco records, funk, and anything 80s (the good and bad).
Books… I prefer books used, but this doesn’t apply to new releases of course. My bookshelf consists of primarily short american fiction, and touches upon topics of interests such as urbanism, cities, and public transit/housing, the history of things, design, and all things Scandinavian.

Gift cards to bookstores and record shops. Calvin Klein. Bike shops. MEC. Bandcamp. Long & McQuade. Good for Her. Useful stuff, you know?
Experiences... wine tours and day trips to small towns in Ontario, please.

Food & Drink: Pinot noir, sour beers, sparkling mate, skin contact wines, cold brews (I take my coffee black), ice cream, and fruit are my favourites.



That's something you have to come find out for yourself ;).

My physical and mental self reflects the way I like to live life: to the beat of my own drum and with a sense of cool ease that surprise you if you aren't paying attention. An introvert through and through, I am incredibly engaging once we warm up to each other. I can talk a mile a minute about the things I love (and hate). My laugh is quite...irresistible, some might say! My warmth and presence has the potential to light up the room. Sometimes, however, you might catch me a bit off guard... flustered, even. I am human, after all.

My personal pursuits lie in a simple desire to simply know more (I blame my history and anthropology background). I am forever fascinated by cities and urban planning, learning and wondering about how people shape the cities we live in. I love music, all of it. The good, the old, the bad, and the forgotten.

I like to dress simply and comfortably: black, greys, whites, and reds are my favourite colours to wear. I favour the aesthetics of Scandinavian and Japanese design and living. But, on the flip side, I find a deep comfort things with stories and weight: leather, mesh, all things strappy and delightfully confusing. Old records and books. Mystery plants you picked up at the local bodega.