The Fine Print

Age: Early 20s
Background: Asian Canadian
Height: 5'4"
Body type: athletic
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos: yes, plenty (all edited for privacy concerns
Piercings: None
Drink of choice: Bourbon.



Dance floor angel.

Home base

Toronto, Ontario

Enigmatic. Unforgettable. Asian Sensation.

Let me enchant you with my intoxicating and magnetic presence. Do not hesitate to embrace me, and come chase the night away with Toronto's premiere Asian Canadian companion. 

Contemplate me. 

Raven black, shoulder length hair that is slightly tousled in the utmost perfect way. Warm, welcoming brown eyes. A body that is shaped by my own personal love and dedication to city cycling, ready to embrace you with warmth and affection. I know what you are looking for. You are looking for someone who knows how to make your heart stop, in all the right ways.

Please, allow me. Isn’t it about time you indulged?

Born and raised in Hogtown, I know the city inside out. I have a small, selected list of local haunts where I like to unwind with my favourite cocktail — the Last Word — while throwing myself into the works of Mary Gaitskill and Raymond Carver.

Companionship keeps me on my toes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My approach to companionship is guided by my love for 80s and 90s dance music — follow the beat, and rest assured, I am not a press play kind of woman. Every date is embraced with a fiery sense of passion that remains unparalleled, whether is it our first rendezvous or our tenth. 

Enough about me, and let’s talk about you.

— You open the door and you want to be greeted with an unparalleled sense of enthusiasm and lust. It does not matter if it is the first date or our tenth, each meeting does not stand to be compared to previous or future engagements. You know I love telling stories and you arrive with the strong desire to write new chapters of our engagements together. You are looking to unwind and to get lost. You are curious about the limits of intimacy and human connection. You want to redefine these limits with me.