Stimulating companionship for those who yearn for more

Arden Wu Independent Asian Escort Toronto

Yours in Intimacy,


In the midst of back to back meetings, you find yourself getting lost in a daydream.
Counting down the hours until your post-work rendezvous, you have it mentally inked.

7 PM, with Arden Wu

I believe that every well-rounded individual has a bedside full of stories to tell
I'm sure you do, at least.  It doesn't matter if it is your first, or tenth encounter,
I cannot wait to let you into my world over bourbon or behind closed doors. 
 Our time together is fuelled by mutual desire to reimagine intimacy and human softness,
highlighted by intense moments that only leave us wanting more.

It's me, Arden, your Asian Canadian Bedroom Angel.
And I'm all yours.